DIY String Picture Frame

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I try to do DIY gifts for my closest friends. This year I had an idea using my wedding photos. When I received the flash drive holding our photos I was surprised to see my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid had a photo taken of them with their men, who were also in the wedding. Since we had our reception on my aunt’s back yard farm there were several awesome spots for photos!

Because they did this it gave me the idea for using the photos to make the string picture frame. Funny…it’s nearly seven months later and I still haven’t framed our wedding photos, yet.

We had several pallet boards already taken apart from the summer. I love the look of sanded pallet wood. It’s so clean and fresh looking even with the knots! I gave each girl a can of paint they could use to color it up and left them with the receipt, so they could exchange if they so wished.

string picture frame completed2

We guessimated the height and width using the size of the photos I had printed. I don’t remember, exactly, but I think this was 22 x 24″. We cut and ripped the boards to length.

string picture frame ripping the boards

I wanted the frames to look higher end, so we mitered the corners at 45°.

string picture frame miter corner framing

To make sure that we drilled the holes straight across from each other we drilled before framing.

string picture frame drilling the holes for twine

We glued and used a nail gun to frame the pieces together. We didn’t use clamps as we figured it would hold together easy enough not having to hold a lot of weight with just photos.

string picture frame all framed in

You would think stringing is the easiest part. Not so much. I had to make sure that each line of twine was tight enough not to sag with the weight of the photos. I then used an air gun to staple the ends to the outside of the frame.

string picture frame adding the twine

I found the cutest baby clothes pins at Meijer for a couple bucks. The package came with 25, but I think I broke maybe four of them.

string picture frame completed

Great thing about this string picture frame is the ease of changing photos whenever you want! You can even add more photos that what I’ve shown with adjusting the size of your photos!

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