DIY Patio Bench

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DIY Patio Bench

We made this super simple patio bench that brings in much needed seating for entertainment. Almost no maintenance and a very sturdy piece!
bench with cushions

We started with some cement blocks around my office building when they were doing some construction. These were solid, not the regular concrete blocks used to hold the cedar posts.
patio bench blocks foundation

Greg used Liquid Nails adhesive to adhere the blocks to the patio and to each other. I think he bought the heavy duty construction grade adhesive found here at Home Depot.
patio bench blocks foundation Greg using liquid nails

You can see how the blocks are stacked together. You can use regular concrete blocks, but these were free for me. 😉
patio bench blocks foundation full blocks

Next, we added some 4 x 4 cedar posts through the holes in the blocks to make our patio bench!
patio bench with cedar 4 x 4s

Finally, it only took me a year to find a good tutorial for making bench cushions. I knew we wanted marine vinyl because it’s easy to wipe clean. I bought it on sale at last year. And the super easy tutorial for sewing the cushions I found here. I strongly recommend practicing with scrap fabric. My cushions were 26 x 53. The scrap fabric trial came out perfect and I simply left the fabric on to help the foam cushions slip right into the vinyl cover. It did suck hand-sewing it closed. But we’re super stoked with how it turned out and now we must find more outdoor decor to match those awesome cushions!
finished patio bench
bench with cushions

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