DIY Ice Fishing Pole Bag

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DIY Ice Fishing Pole Bag So, the hubs has all these ice fishing poles in the garage. Some have reels, some don’t, some are different lengths. UGH!! It was driving me nuts whenever I had to move them! And he never takes the same ones with him and I don’t know much about the types of fish he’s going after …

DIY Kitchen Lids Organizer Baskets

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I seriously can’t stand not being able to find the right size lid when I’m putting away leftovers or doing meal prep. Finally, I was so tired of my lid drawer that I finally decided to do something about it and made kitchen lid organizer baskets. It may not look super crazy now, but I threw away six miscellaneous lids …

DIY Fish Laundry Bags

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I found this lil gem browsing Pinterest last year. These suckers take a ton of prep work, but they’re super cool when finished! I found the tutorial and pattern here. I made all of them with fabric and mesh. In the link to the tutorial, she shows you an option for making it all fabric. I didn’t like it as …

Michigan Shaped Pillows

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We were in northern Michigan for Thanksgiving a couple years ago and took a girls trip to Manistee the day after Thanksgiving. Everything up there is so artsy fartsy and expensive, but I trudged along. We stopped into a shop, I don’t remember the name of it, and they had a wooden box full of Michigan shaped pillows made from …


Hi There!

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Welcome to SewCraftivus! I just revamped my site, sorry…still working on revamping my site and I’m gearing up my projects to start blogging my creativity. Please be patient as I get the new year rolling. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers to 2018!