DIY Built-In Bar Using Skids

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I have always hated our game room bar.

The ex and I bought this old school bar probably 12 years ago. I never like the vinyl top on it and we hardly ever used it. It simply sat in the basement. We moved it around a couple places, but it never fit in how I wanted the space to look.

crappy old bar

crappy old bar

I have this weird angled wall that probably turns at about 20° so that’s where I knew I wanted a built-in bar.

The current lover and I have been dabbling in the use of skids and thought this would be the perfect idea for a bar.

built-in bar skeleton

We had two skids and these odd boards that I found at the Restore for a couple bucks. We cut off a couple half boards at opposite corners for the openings and left the ends open and with no trim.

built-in bar full

I love the look of black and natural wood. The colors pop off each other.

built-in bar with top trim

We simply ripped some 2 x 4s that were sitting in the garage and made the trim.

built-in bar complete

For now, I plopped a simply mirror on top. Maybe this winter I’ll get some open shelves above and a nice fitted mirror for the back.

built-in bar with mirror

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